We do not need books any more as we can get all the information that we need on computers

Not everybody likes reading books. I, myself really enjoy it, because it’s something that makes me happy. Holding the covers of the book, turn over page by page, until you have finally reach the last one. Tracking how many pages you have left. And then when you finally finished it to close the book. That are some let say it rituals that make me prefer book rather than computers. Actually there are more things that deserve to be mentioned. It is scientific proved that computers have a bad influence on people’s eyes. For example, my mother has been wearing glasses all these years because she was working too much time on the computer. That’s one of the scientific reasons I don’t really like reading on the PC.

Another thing is the fact that posting information on the Internet is free.  That makes it easy to manipulate the information. That’s why a lot of the information in the net isn’t true at all. People like me, who does to school and needs information for their school projects can use incorrect information. I have been witness to few cases that a student gets a lower grade, because of the wrong information.

The last and may be the biggest problem is the overgrowing ocean of information, that makes difficult to find the needed things. Which is easier with books. You can go to the library and just ask for the kind of information you need. Few seconds later you will hold the proper book.

But you can’t judge about anything only by its one hand. Actually I like reading on the computer, because I can find much more information in the Internet than anywhere else. Even if I go to a library, I might not find the things I need. But when we’re talking about a books – novels and other things we read for pleasure I definitely prefer books!

That is why I think we cannot separate books and computers. We can have both why shouldn’t we separate them. My advice is read books for fun and search information in the Internet.


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